Is it wrong to put our hands in the air and say, “Ain’t No Pahty like a Crashin’ In Pahty’? Probably. So we’ll keep our cool, and with much excitement tell you about the fantastic New Year’s Eve shindig Crashin’ In has put together for you party animals! We’re talking guest DJ¬†sets by Sune Rose Wagner of those ever lusty Raveonettes, Gerald from Other Music, Brodinski from Metal Groove Records, and others, including Sentimentalist‘s very own DJ Sunnyside Up! Performances by Purple Crush and Beans! It truly is the Return of the 12-Hour Party People! And we mean it — the party goes from 8pm until 8am! Can ya’ll handle that? If you think you can hand, head over to the 205 Club on December 31st, located at 205 Chrystie Street and Stanton. See you there!