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Reminder: Retrograde Motion Tuesday Night!

Just the facts here, party people — but if you’re in NYC, come out tomorrow night to the Annex to …Read the Rest

14 Jan 2008 | More

Dave Gahan: Dark Soul Brother Digs Deep, Finds He has Faith

Unbeknownst to even his most ardent followers during Depeche Mode’s world tour in support of 2005’s Playing the Angel, Dave Gahan began a journey inward, exploring corners of his mind that he’d previously not dared go, excavating emotions and fears that centered around accepting his own mortality, divine intervention, miracles, parenthood and unconditional love.

14 Jan 2008 | 3 comments | More

Kate Nash: Beyond Rubbish Boys and Loose Bricks

Kate Nash has a skeleton in her closet. Well, it actually lives in her family’s living room, but it’s still quite a disturbing vision to outsiders. Nash documents this anomaly on “Skeleton Song” from her freshly dropped record Made of Bricks. The 20-year-old, UK-bred composer still resides with her parents and the bag of bones they call Stanley.

14 Jan 2008 | 1 comment | More

Nada Surf: Beyond Slacker Ennui

When I call Matthew Caws, Nada Surf’s frontman and songwriter, to talk about his group’s brand new modern masterpiece Lucky, …Read the Rest

14 Jan 2008 | 1 comment | More

Hot Diggity Funk, it’s Hot Chip!

Hot Chip started their third full-length album as a sort of group experiment. Everyone held hands and jumped in to …Read the Rest

14 Jan 2008 | More

Sia: Staying Grounded, Naming Names

Singer Sia (Furler) lies in her Soho bedroom squealing with delight as she rips open a gift box filled with …Read the Rest

14 Jan 2008 | More

Holy Fuck: Cerebral Jam Band Canucks

Holy Fuck have been mistaken for cerebral hipsters when they’re really just jam band dudes. They’ve been knocked for having …Read the Rest

14 Jan 2008 | More

Sons and Daughters: Children of Preacher and Poet

It’s downtown and it’s CMJ. Play the “A punch for a plaid shirt” game and you will look like you …Read the Rest

14 Jan 2008 | More

The Sunshine Underground: Neon Nightlife Beyond Madchester

The dreary grey skies of Glasgow are anything but uplifting, especially in the infamous Gorbals district. A haven that has …Read the Rest

14 Jan 2008 | 1 comment | More

True Adventures: The Saga of British Sea Power

Only the lads of British Sea Power would collectively and simultaneously correct one in the middle of an interview on …Read the Rest

14 Jan 2008 | More