Kate Nash has a skeleton in her closet.

Well, it actually lives in her family’s living room, but it’s still quite a disturbing vision to outsiders. Nash documents this anomaly on “Skeleton Song” from her freshly dropped record Made of Bricks. The 20-year-old, UK-bred composer still resides with her parents and the bag of bones they call Stanley. Nash prefers to keep her loved-ones, including Stan, close considering the exponential speed at which she climbed the UK charts and became a global hit via MySpace.

“It’s crazy really because people in America knew who I was before I even came here,” said Nash, adding, “It was more worldwide without me having any say in it or having any sort of control.”

Nash rose to fame when another pop music-making Londoner, Lily Allen, inserted her into the top eight slot of her MySpace friend list. Nash immediately noticed a bump in the amount of add request and new plays she received, which now totals over eight million. Made of Bricks debuted at the top of the UK album charts in August and sealed Nash a deal with Geffen Records to release Bricks overseas. Nash recently wrapped up a sold-out gig at the Bowery Ballroom before hitting California on her way to Australia for another string of dates.

The overwhelming charm of Nash’s personality permeates Made of Bricks as she describes the world around her in curt and sometimes profane terms. The slow-moving, pseudo soul song “Dickhead” catalogues an acquaintance’s bad behavior in an attempt to make them aware that they’re “fucking up situations.” Although shy at first impression, Nash becomes just as blunt as her lyrics when asked questions about her status as a role model for the younger set.

“I think it’s about having opinions and speaking out,” said Nash. “I think it’s important to be relevant and have principles and morals and not conform to the way society is structured to make girls believe that they have to be.”

Despite the strong feelings she expresses about real-life situations in her music, Nash has yet to run into any problems with the people whom she’s writing about. “I haven’t really had anyone get in touch and be angry or anything,” said Nash. In any case, she’ll be away from her hometown of Harrow for a few months on tour, by far enough time for all of her friends to chill out. If all else fails, Stanley, the family skeleton, will still be there to welcome Nash into his bony arms when she gets back.

–Julie Pinsonneault, Photos by Tear-n Tan


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