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Lightspeed Champion Announces March Tour

Dev Hynes (aka Lightspeed Champion) must hear ringing in his ears all the time, because everybody’s talking ’bout ‘im now. …Read the Rest

18 Jan 2008 | More

Moldy Peaches to Play for Baba Wawa and You! Live!

This seemed way too perfectly improbable and just plain perfect to be true, but indeed, The Moldy Peaches (Adam Green …Read the Rest

18 Jan 2008 | More

Hello Stranger to Tour with Foos and Against Me!

LA’s Hello Stranger has been kickin in low key with buds on the road the past couple years, for the …Read the Rest

18 Jan 2008 | More

Mahjongg Announces Tour and Sophomore LP

On February 19, Chicago arty punks Mahjongg will wake up the old neighbors and give rise to their god Kontpab, …Read the Rest

18 Jan 2008 | More

Bell X1 at Joe’s Pub, NYC, 01.16.08

What is it with Irish frontmen? They can lead a band of soldiers or a band of drunks with equal …Read the Rest

18 Jan 2008 | 2 comments | More