It seems strange to review the first release from a band already as widely adored as Vampire Weekend. Early last year their tracks started surfacing across the music blogosphere, leading to glowing profiles in mainstream press. The music circulated on their aptly-titled *Blue CD-R* had only minor retouching on its way to their self-titled label debut on XL Recordings. On listening one finds a laid back, unassuming playfulness and conversational lyrics on particular topics such as typography (“Oxford Comma”) and architecture (“Mansard Roof”). They effortlessly integrate multiple styles and genre, most notably incorporating African percussion, all in the context of your basic guitar-bass-keyboard-drums quartet. The result is endearingly pleasant pop music, and while not revolutionary, their first CD displays a professionalism that may well signal brilliant things to come. I’m still not a fan of that name, though. (Beggars/XL Recordings) –Erik Bryan