The Teenagers, a hot dish of 80′s groove, lust for American actresses and pop culture from Paris, alighted the Mercury Lounge stage here in NYC last week, and here’s what we saw! (Photos by Tear-n Tan)

Baring an uncanny resemblance to Tim Burgess and with a charasmatic personality, singer, Quentin Delafon connected quite well with the audience…the Mercury Lounge crowd was singing and, gasp, actually dancing.

Delafon generously struck poses for the photographers, and teased female audience members with serenade-like gestures. His poses were Jarvis-like but even more, for lack of a better word, flamboyant. He knows how to work his hands.

The Teenagers started the set off with “Starlett Johansson” and invited two audience members to join them during one of their tunes too.