On the eve of the primary elections, Craig Wedren of Shudder to Think presented NYC with this fine, festive night of rock and comedy, gathering a few of his talented friends to help celebrate and spread the “Vote Barack” message. Stella, the comedians Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter and David Wain, acted as hosts and kept the crowd laughing between bands, their banter ranging from politically incorrect talk on the holocaust to songs about sandwiches and revealing, silly winter fantasies (Showalter’s erotic musing about a snowman and his strategically placed carrot was among the most memorable quips).


Shudder to Think reunited for this special event and brought in guitarist Nathan Larson’s lovely wife, The Cardigans’ Nina Persson, to share in a few songs and make her debut with her new project, Birds, a trio which includes Karen Elson (of Citizens Band).

Alberta Cross

The UK’s Alberta Cross kicked off the evening with a short yet captivating set which included their hit “Lucy Rider”. They were followed by Joan as Policewoman, Birds, Shudder to Think and riotously fun headliners, Ok Go.

Zombies sing along

Backstage group hug

The actor Paul Rudd was there to celebrate with Stella and the bands, joining them on stage for the group finale, a chaotic version of The Zombies’ song “This Will Be Our Year.”–MVW