Mix one part Bauhaus, one part Nick Cave, throw in some opera rock, and you got something that can sort of describe Devastations’ third album. Yes, U is a collection of haunting, dark-and-stormy songs that stir up emotions and make your ears perk up. The Aussie-based band offers a mix of goth, pop, electronica, and pure rock laced with wailing vocals and thought-evoking lyrics. Notable songs include the powerful “Rosa” sung by Conrad Standish which sounds like it came straight out a vampire movie and “The Pest” – a dense soundscape with driving bass and sparse guitar riffs. But peeking between the dark songs are some surprisingly sweet and upbeat beats that showcase Devastations’ pop side. Catchy, surprising, and altogether unique, Yes, U defies any sort of labeling. There’s a little bit of something for everyone to pick up and enjoy. (Beggars) –Katrina T. De Los Reyes

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