All-American indie rock band Ida’s seventh album is all about love, reminiscing, personal meditations, and dreams — it is, after all, entitled Lovers Prayers. The whole album is quite dreamy, ethereal, and very, very mellow (definitely not to be listened to as you’re driving to work at 6 a.m. on a cold winter day). It’s perfect for listening to when you want a breath of fresh air and need mental clarity. Elizabeth Mitchell and Michael Littleton’s vocals are gentle and soothing, often offering a sensitive he-said/she-said exchange through uplifting harmonies and poignant lyrics. It’s clear that after seven albums, Ida is not challenging the formula they’ve stuck by all these years. If you want a change of pace from your everyday hipster rock band and want something sentimental and warm, check out Lovers Prayers. (Polyvinyl) –Katrina T. De Los Reyes

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