Mia Doi Todd believes in the powers of creative expression and song and uses all the energy in her body to expel her music and artistic beliefs. Her seventh full-length, Gea, smolders with creativity, seeming as though drawings and paintings exploded into musical notes floating like fiery ash in a clear blue sky. Todd’s passion and vision is more pointed and exact than her music, which chants and wanders slowly through layers of drones and bongo drums to get out what she wants to say. With hollow vocals reminiscent of Enya or Jefferson Airplane, these ten songs seem to expand for miles, particularly “River of Life/ The Yes Song,” which is almost eleven minutes of Todd’s drawn out lull and moaning harmonium. For one who likes to meditate, this album hits the spot but also reaches out to a broader audience through its experimentation with a variety of instruments. (City Zen Records)    –Lauren Piper

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