Definitely not a victim of the sophomore slump, The Big Sleep’s latest offering is cool, both loud and subdued, and worthy of your ears. Just like their debut album Son of the Tiger, Sleep Forever offers an eclectic mix of rhythmic mood rock, progressive rock, intricate instrumentals, and powerful, driving beats. Standout tracks include “Slow Race,” a gorgeous, thumping instrumental track reminiscent of Zeppelin; “Bad Blood” which features Sonya’s sweet vocals over a warm, elegant beat; and “Pinkies” a cool, keyboard-and-guitar-driven creation featuring guitarist Danny Barria on vocals. You’ll want to put this album on repeat; each song deserves several spins so you can uncover the layers of each song. The Big Sleep is band that has a sound all of its own and refuses to buck to the trend of whatever hot new band is out there, and caught my ears so to speak, when they opened for Editors back in 2006. Do yourself a favor and start listening to them, too. (Frenchkiss) –Katrina T. De Los Reyes

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