On their fourth studio album Dave King and company recycle their tried-and-true formula of mixing traditional Irish folk instrumentation and melodies with sneering punk panache. Their sound changes little, but that shouldn’t automatically be considered a shortcoming. It’s just not inventive. The distorted guitars border on heavy metal, the violins, accordion, and mandolin recall a distinctly Emerald Isle sensibility, and the songs focus on persistent themes of loss (“(No More) Paddy’s Lament”), protest (“You Won’t Make A Fool Out Of Me”), and generally being too drunk to do anything about either (all the rest). Flogging Molly has always walked a fine line between homage and parody, but King’s earnest and gravelly delivery and the band’s sustained intensity suggest the former. They really mean it, and the soaring choruses on Float should at least make for a rousing sing-along or two at your nearest pub. (Side One Dummy) –Erik Bryan