British indie rockers South returned to New York this week for two shows at Pianos, a stop on their way to South By Southwest. The band, having last toured in 2006, were just as excited about being back in New York as their devoted fans in the audience were about having them back. Singer Joel Cadbury said, “It’s been a long time and it sort of feels like a new beginning – let’s hope it’s a good one.”

With the core line-up still consisting of Joel (vocals, guitars), Jamie McDonald (guitars, vocals) and Brett Shaw (drums), South’s touring line-up is rounded out with the addition of a bassist and a keyboardist. The stage at Pianos was a pretty tight fit for the five and their gear, but they didn’t let that get in the way! The band charmed us with their set of melodic, guitar-driven tunes.

After a slightly delayed start due to sound problems, they opened with a couple of new songs “Open Up” and “Tell Me.” Indeed, nearly half of the set consisted of songs from the soon to be released fourth album, You Are Here, but fans were also delighted to hear old favorites, including “Paint The Silence,” “Loosen Your Hold,” and “Colours In Waves.”

Monday’s show at a packed Pianos was a welcome return for this awesome yet understated band. And with the audience hungry for more new material, it’s a good thing that the new album release is only a few weeks away (and a full US tour is already being organized).

–Teresa Sampson, Photo by Tear-n Tan

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