Maybe it’s the considerable time they spent in America that’s rubbed off on The Kooks’ sophomore release Konk [the title giving props to the London studio where they recorded ]. Konk is a slight departure from the Britpop perfection that was Inside In/Inside Out. This time, Luke Pritchard and the boys seek out breezy melodies that are less danceable yet might appeal even more to the college rock contingent. Long gone are the days of pint-swilling merry tunes for the avid hipster; Kooks fever has reached over to the six-pack-loving American mainstream (and cheers to them for selling out multiple shows this spring in NYC). But don’t fear. All is not lost, while Britpop ditties like “Mr. Maker,” “One Last Time,” and the single “Always Where I Need To Be” assure us that the ability to write saccharine sweet Top of the Pops gold is still there. (Astralwerks) –Andrea D’Alessandro