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We Are Scientists: Powerful, Non-Vacuous, Brain Thrust Masters of Rock

Brooklyn’s We Are Scientists are getting lots of love in the UK. The boys are currently touring across the pond in support of their latest album, Brain Thrust Mastery, (which debuted at #11 in the UK album charts), spreading their witty WAS wackiness wherever they stop. I switched time zones and chatted to singer/guitarist Keith Murray while he was awaiting sound check in Sheffield, England.

24 Apr 2008 | 2 comments | More

Clinic: The Melting Pot of Their Musical Intrigue

NME lovingly refers to the surgically-styled Clinic as “the maddest bastards in Liverpool” in reviews, but we say they’re more like the Jekyll and Hydes of British indie. Their new album, Do It!, conjures everything from cinematic nightmares of burlesque disco dances in looney bins to doo-wop love-ins on the planet Mars.

24 Apr 2008 | More

Youthmovies: Close to the Bone

After having spent a year in the UK and being smothered with new bands, it became clear that Youthmovies took the cake as the year’s most interesting act. The Oxford-based quintet defies the trends of indie rock and any disposable genres suffocating the scene.

24 Apr 2008 | More

Jarboe: One Spectral Joule

Unless you are an avid fan of the obscure, you’ve probably never heard the name Jarboe. Part spoken-word poet, performance artist and composer, she evades explanation by allowing herself the freedom to pursue any and all aesthetic endeavors.

24 Apr 2008 | More

Duran Duran Announce U.S. Tour in May

Hey Ladies and Durannies!!! The ever slick, impossibly well-aging gentlemen of Duran Duran have just announced a 22-date tour of …Read the Rest

23 Apr 2008 | More

Conor Oberst Going Solo

Bright Eyes frontman Conor Oberst is officially “going solo” again (but with help of The Mystic Valley Band) on August …Read the Rest

23 Apr 2008 | More

Islands Announce North American Tour

Canada’s mystical Calypso-proggers, first conjured by the venerable Nick Diamonds, are at it again! It seems like the Anti- label …Read the Rest

18 Apr 2008 | More

Les Savy Fav’s ‘After The Balls Drop’ Releasing April 29th

How apropos that one of the live acts most worthy of a celebration is about to release an album documenting …Read the Rest

18 Apr 2008 | More

Jim Noir – ‘Jim Noir’

Jim Noir is clearly a follower of the less-is-more theory. Rather than reading a complicated album sleeve thanking every studio …Read the Rest

17 Apr 2008 | More

The Kooks – ‘Konk’

Maybe it’s the considerable time they spent in America that’s rubbed off on The Kooks’ sophomore release Konk [the title …Read the Rest

15 Apr 2008 | More