Adam Yauch dropped by the Apple Store in Soho during the Tribeca Film Festival to shoot the breeze about his latest documentary, Gunnin’ For That #1 Spot. You might think a film centering around the 24 top high school basketball players participating in 2006′s “Elite 24″ tournament in Harlem’s Rucker Park would scare off anyone who doesn’t get jazzed about the sport. However, as seen from the clips previewed today, Yauch’s music-filled, high-voltage approach to the subject is gripping on quite a few levels.

Yauch says, “I like to get lost in music and images playing, and slow-mo, but there still needs to be a narrative…” His chat with moderator David Blaustein was laid back, and he had no problem revealing a few behind-the-scenes, personal details. He spoke of his artist father, who didn’t care for his son’s appreciation for graffitti during his teen years, and who hates sports so much that he seems “to feel the sports pages tarnish his paper.” Yauch is happy to report that his father loved the film nonetheless, saying, “Maybe he’s biased, but he was having a blast at the premiere. It was like, ‘Look what my son did!’”

Yauch also spoke about some of his influences. Perhaps not surprisingly, he’s got a penchant for bad films of the 70s, saying he likes to watch “movies that don’t work… so he can look at what not to do.” Yauch says he’s “feeling a little documentary’d out at the moment,” but he’s excited to see his film open in theaters at the end of June and looks forward to his next project. Besides the upcoming Beastie Boys album (which is now in the works), he’ll soon start zeroing in on ideas for a more narrative film. And no, it won’t be a Beastie Boys musical. Yauch laughs, “That would be scary!”–MVW