The Acorn just played a stint of shows in NYC, including the sweet Slope venue, Union Hall, on Saturday, May 3rd. Perhaps its the band’s woodsy name or the fact that they’re from Ottawa, Canada, (which to some New Yorkers seems less like a major city and more the unknown, majestic North), but the venue’s old world backdrop of stern portraits, grandma’s library wallpaper, and glass cases dotted with odd flora and fauna specimens provided the perfect setting for experiencing this band for the first time.


Singer Rolf Klausener and the other multi-talented Acorns have a flair for a passionate performance. The sextet, appearing cramped yet giddy on the tiny stage, incorporates a vast array of instruments and textures into their music to create an instantly embracing, epic sound. Their latest album, Glory Hope Mountain, based on a series of narratives relating to the life of Klausener’s Honduran mother, contains songs filled with mysterious nuances and rich details. The band’s knack for mixing it up with Honduran percussion, rhythms and even jaunty hand claps that blend seamlessly with their psychedelic, art/folk-rock allows their songs to soar.--MVW

  1. I was there – right next to you! Have never been at Union Hall but won’t sh back from going to Brooklyn from now on. The sound was great and the band delivered a fantastic performance followed with goosebumps.