It’s my opinion that My Bloody Valentine killed shoegaze. Their mighty Loveless (assuredly one of the best records of the 90’s) swept in and immediately made the best efforts of Chapterhouse and Jesus Jones irrelevant. Sometimes one record can do that. For the beleaguered genre of trip-hop, a similar thing happened. Massive Attack, Tricky and most notably Portishead instantly relegated much of the other music released under that moniker to the “appropriate for brunch” bin. Speaking of brunch, looking for a new album to play? Morphologue ‘s Flower Art Pictures is your record. Apparently they are big on Swiss radio. Flower Art Pictures is a dated record, taking me back to somewhere around 1995, when drum and bass was just starting out. It is well-produced and has some pretty moments and there is no question that Myriam Stucki has a gorgeous voice in a Shirley Bassey/Sarah Brightman kind of way, but it all kind of slides by as indistinguishable. And I would drop the d’n’b flourishes. But otherwise, not bad. (Self-released/Sonicbids) –Jim Radford