The press release describes Sybris as “the sound of a battalion of Valkyries astride winged horses bound for Valhalla.” Though I’m not exactly sure what that means, the Valkyrie reference works for me. This is the Chicago-based experimental rock band’s second record. The first single, “Oh Man,” immediately reminded me of Karen O’s Scandinavian cousin covering “Tunic” by Sonic Youth (the guitars jangle in exactly the same way). All those reference points are apt, but Sybris does a masterful job of walking the fine line between wearing your influences on your sleeve (I cannot be the first person to notice the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ comparison) and being completely original. This is simply put, a great loud rock record (it’s produced at the same supposedly haunted studio as Nirvana’s In Utero and PJ Harvey’s Rid Of Me, and frankly, it does share the ghostly vibes of those two records). (Absolutely Kosher) –Jim Radford