Swiftly whisking their listener from one song to the next, The Futureheads third album This Is Not The World illuminates the rapidity of bombastic punk through the music, each song lasting roughly three minutes, as well as the prompt recording technique. The Futureheads eliminated time to modify and potentially damage their original creativity by recording 22 songs to choose from in a mere 16 days. Quintessential in their quick production style, they ventured out to their homegrown indie label, Nul Recordings, and, in turn burgeoned a punk-rock record that generates musical fascination and solidifies their strengthening position in the musical atmosphere.

How did it feel releasing your third album independently?
It feels amazing to be going at it alone. It is total punk rock!

Did you feel that releasing an album independently was more personal for you as a band?
I don’t think that it makes it more personal; it could really be more personal.

Has it been a hurdle with the past two albums, compared to the praise the first one received?
Not really, touring the second album was tough – we were exhausted. This album has had a much better reception than the first two, especially from radio. You can’t escape us at the minute.

The new album is a bit sharper and more brash. What inspired the departure from your more pop-friendly sound? I hope it’s not bitterness. (Kidding of course).
We are trying to prove that bands don’t need to be exploited in order to have a career. We wanted to make a hard-hitting punk rock record with bags of energy. Making this album has gotten rid of any jaded bitterness. It means a lot to us.

Three albums into your career, musically, what has changed since the beginning for you guys while writing and recording?
We are a lot more confident these days; we have written nearly 100 songs and it stands to reason that we have gotten better at it. We can now write very quickly, we did the album in just 16 days and came out with 22 songs to choose from. This isn’t something that an inexperienced band can do.

What are your future plans with Nul Recordings?
Nul is for the Futureheads only. It is a means to an end so we can get our stuff out to our fans. It will last for as long as that band does. We hope this will be a very long time.


–Andrea D’Alessandro