An evanescent experience that combines emotionally charged lyrics and physically stimulating instruments, Tilly and The Wall’s newest album, O, is a reincarnation of everything that initially captivated their audience. The 11-song album is a thrilling cacophony of youthful exuberance – a young-hearted anthem that propels the mind to that of an inspired young idea proffering the chance to grow and develop into kindled suggestion of thought. Produced by Saddle Creek’s wunderkind Mike Mogis, O is a cosmic, cohesive and experimental album coalescing enthused youth to jaded adult. However, the essence of the album questions the actual definition of “adult” leaving it open to interpretation through defeat, love, vindication and need.

Combining personal experience with the natural world, Tilly and The Wall motivates movement with an existential, thoughtful element burgeoning ideas from grass, blood, chandeliers, ice cream, excitement and flowers. They question a personal coming-of-age as they venture into the intense depths of growing up and the need for personal exploration. A sort of musical athleticism resonates through this inventive album while still managing to grasp the foundations that prove their inimitability from expressive harmonies to distinct percussion.

Touting themselves as “dirty,” Tilly and The Wall once said they are “an optimist but … nowhere near naïve.” O embodies the quote bearing all of the necessities of a successful junior album – exoneration, investigation and hope while still maintaining a facet of mystery. (Team Love) –Eliza K. Johnston

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