The Futureheads played an “intimate” gig to a packed and sweaty Piano’s crowd the night after their one-off Bowery Ballroom show. Instead of what would have been a private and possibly emptier gig a few years ago, this was quite the must-see event: the room was overflowing and proved that no gigs are secret in NYC anymore. (I guess the Brooklyn Vegan announcement the day before clued quite a few fans in too). The quickie performance may have seemed more an encore to the previous night’s show, but there’s no denying that these clever boys were still in top form.


The night also proved The Futureheads have secured their spot as a favorite British act whenever they grace New York City with their rapid fire, multi-harmony, pogo-inducing presence.


The evening was mostly filled with tracks off of their third album, (their indie label debut on homegrown Null Records), This Is Not The World. “The Beginning of the Twist” and “Broke Up The Time” definitely got the crowd going, but many of us in the crowd still had more of a soft spot for hearing classics like “A to B” off their debut album from so long ago.–Andrea D’Alessandro/photos by Tear-n Tan