The Fratellis came on like Scottish bats out of hell with the Les Paul guitar and power drums fury of new hit “My Friend John” rousing the crowd to near insanity. Though a few songs in, frontman Jon Fratelli apologizes for his supposed fatigue, saying he “felt like shite for the first five songs,” I don’t think anyone had noticed.


What I did notice was that as the night progressed, with its even mix of songs from Costello Music and the new album, Here We Stand, the Fratellis’ (and the crowd’s) energy grew increasingly frenetic, all the uncontrollable stomping even causing the old floorboards to quake.


A boys’ mosh pit mysteriously formed by the time “Chelsea Dagger” was played, which was beyond me, but leave it to some of the frat-type fans who just couldn’t contain themselves.


“This is a nice place. I like it a lot,” says Jon, halfway through the set. Aw, sweet! Though the PA mix and his Glaswegian accent made it near impossible to make out most of his between-song banter, all that really mattered was that he and the band were on fire, with older songs reworked to sound fresh and less boozy and the new hits, like “Acid Jazz Singer”, “Mistress Mabel” and “Look Out Sunshine”, made instantly memorable with their arena-sized hooks and dishy swagger. And that’s precisely why we keep coming back for the Fratellis. Next stop: Glastonbury.--MVW/photos by Tear-n Tan