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Albert Hammond, Jr: All Aboard the Happy Rocket

The new Albert Hammond, Jr. record was almost called Cockpit Voice Recordings if you can believe it. But the curly-headed guy with the guitar worried it wouldn’t be light enough; too “serious in the wrong way,” even. He worries about these things.

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Laura Marling: Dubiously Religious, Certainly Without Pretension

Donned in skinny jeans, mary janes and an oversized white t-shirt, Laura Marling fits any niche in downtown Manhattan; with her doe eyes and pastel skin, she’s seemingly innocent. Her blonde hair is beginning to show the darker roots that have grown in and her charming British accent is pleasantly soothing.

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Tricky: Honored to Meet You

Adrian Thaws (aka Tricky) was once touted as a master of the 90′s trip-hop scene, but when interviewing him that’s one term I strictly avoided. It’s known that he prefers not to talk about the genre, so it was a relief not to babble about the past and instead, to learn more about the future of this legend in the making.

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The Dandy Warhols: Live Long and Prosper

In this over-processed age of here now, gone tomorrow bands, it’s comforting to know that old school acts like The …Read the Rest

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The Young Knives: Beyond Tweed

Taking geek chic to another level, the UK’s Young Knives are back with their sophomore release, Superabundance, which, with its surprising electro flourishes, has more than met up to expectations of well-heeled fans on both sides of the pond.

8 Jul 2008 | More

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson – Self-titled

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson’s voice lives in the bowels of human existence; it wails and drones through rat-infested dive bars …Read the Rest

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Conservative Man – ‘Mirabel and the Hikikomori’

It’s a sunny day in purgatory, a hopeful walk through T.S. Eliot’s “The Waste Land” while impish shadows tug at …Read the Rest

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