It’s a sunny day in purgatory, a hopeful walk through T.S. Eliot’s “The Waste Land” while impish shadows tug at your conscience. It’s funeral music for grounded transients and energetic fuck-ups, for upbeat nihilists and manic loners; and it all revolves around Ian McCarthy’s meticulously constructed conflict with isolation. The New Hampshire-based multi-instrumentalist writhes poetically through 14 tracks, wavering between unabashed disdain and buoyant acceptance of loneliness all within a cinematic soundscape of lush atmospherics and dream-soaked melodies. The combination leaves you in a satisfying state of disorientation—especially in the delirious, electronic punchiness of “A Place Unknown,” the languid, ambient drones of “Backseat of an Empty Bus,” and the Radiohead-esque closer “Morning Sickness,” with it’s ominous lyrical coda, “You should all be ashamed of yourselves.” Conservative Man’s brand of solitude is the kind you lust after, the kind that leaves you surprisingly fulfilled when everyone else is gone. (Self-released/Sonicbids) –Lauren Ciraulo