marcus.jpgThose of you who know him and who happen to live in NYC may have seen frontman Marcus Congleton around in recent months, but you may have wondered about the goings-on of his band.

It seems Ambulance Ltd has been in limbo for nearly a year and a half since their NYC label TVT was on the decline and then eventually folded. Ambulance Ltd were in LA recording their second album with John Cale, Rick Parker and Mike Daly in 2007 and trouble began brewing when the label pulled its funds for the session. TVT finally filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this year and put itself up for sale. Not wanting to be ‘sold on’, Ambulance Ltd (along with labelmates The Polyphonice Spree, Pitbull & Lil Jon) filed an objection which, until resolved, leaves them unable to move forward. Not to worry, Ambulance Ltd are continuing on.
The band recently toured the East Coast, selling out two shows at Mercury Lounge and debuting some of the new material with a new lineup of musicians. They also swung by XMU’s DC studios where they got to play DJs for the month of May and were made the featured ‘Artists In Residence’. Join them Thursday, July 24th for the next chapter of their story.

Thursday, July 24th
Bowery Ballroom
6 Delancey Street
with Soft

‘Ambulance Ltd is; Marcus Congleton; Ezra Oklan (drums); Ian Fenger (guitar); Xander McMahon (keyboards) and Jeremy Kay (bass).

New demos up at: