Jarvis Cocker is a showman like Elvis. In fact, he’s been deemed “a Yorkshire Elvis” by fans in his native UK city of Sheffield, though he may not have as smooth of a croon and he’s so self-deprecating that he insists his voice is far from being one of the greats.


However, even Jarvis himself can’t deny that his thirty-some-odd years of being in a band has led him to know a thing or two about putting on a memorable show.


Tonight, Jarvis and his band are clearly having fun in Brooklyn with their newest tunes, and try out a few bearing catchy titles like “Caucasian Blues”, “Girls Like It Too” and “Fucking Song”. These songs may lack the epic pop precision of hits like “Black Magic” from the 2007 album, but give them time. For the moment, their rawness is refreshing.


Last but not least, the set ends with an electro bang (and Jarvis on his knees) with the apropos Master C&J cover of “Face It”. He and the band had learned it especially for their Chicago Pitchfork Festival show, since as Jarvis says, “that was the house of home music, or rather, the home of house music.”--MVW/photos by Tear-n Tan

Read Sentimentalist Magazine’s past live review of Jarvis Cocker’s 2007 Webster Hall show here. Read the interview here.

  1. I was at the show as well, something about seeing a persona move from emotional and evocative descriptions behind the songs, to sharing cocktails with the audience, to finishing the performance half-naked in a frothy wave of sound, makes this a token, shamanistic session. Hell, the other thing I might add, there’s nothing in a name but everything to do with the sweat of a well-rounded bravura (that here is a bit of anti-iconoclast statement: know your craft well, macram√© a thousand sweaters, but don’t take yourself too seriously and make the audience knit their stories along with yours).


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