The thunder, rain and bad-hair-day humidity didn’t keep the kids away and as predicted, MGMT brought out the expectant crowds en masse. The lines coiled around and around the park for hours with over 6,000 fans waiting to get in and many, sadly, did not.


The Ting Tings were just what the soggy crowd needed to get their fists in the air and proved to be a dynamic show opener, rain clouds be damned.

Aggie Deyn and Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand mingle near the beer line

The British press have deemed MGMT the “ultimate festival band,” and their four standouts from Oracular Spectacular, including the great, overplayed “Time to Pretend” and “Electric Feel” definitely brought the good vibes to the people on this overcast summer day.


However, watching the crowd antics along the periphery proved more captivating than seeing the band move through their psychedelic set. More than a few slip-and-sliders just couldn’t keep their shorts on and as expected, girls in bikinis were out in full force.


The warm mud puddles only added to the nouveau Woodstock atmosphere.–MVW/crowd photos by Tim Nestor/Ting Tings and MGMT photo by Tear-n Tan

  1. LOVE the Marlins shirt on the lad with the purple undies, I believe those were giveaways at Joe Robbie Stadium and they carry the logo of then Marlins owner Wayne Huizenga’s company, Blockbuster.