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Santogold Announces US Headlining “Goldrush” Tour

The amazing, everything-she-touches-turns-to-gold Santogold has announced her first headlining US tour, appropriately named “Goldrush” (and presented by MySpace Music).

2 Sep 2008 | More

Chemical Brothers – ‘Brotherhood’

Brotherhood is a compilation spanning an insanely impressive career from Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons, two dance veterans with a career nearly spanning twenty years. This comp is a jumble of expected tracks that put a spotlight on memories of massive nightclubs, festivals and overall dance-induced splendor.

2 Sep 2008 | More

Freshkills – ‘Freshkills’

This gritty and powerful second release from Brooklyn’s Freshkills is a declaration of the band’s jaunt into the spotlight after earning their dues with 2006′s debut Creeps and Lovers, and rightfully winning approval from the “scene” (i.e. Vice).

2 Sep 2008 | More