I was lucky enough to catch two Kooks shows this month, the first on Wednesday, September
10th at Rumsey Playing Field in NYC, followed by their Monday, September 15th show at Electric Factory in Philadelphia. This time around, the Kooks returned to play even bigger venues. Fans were rowdy, photographers hungry, and celeb sightings increased perhaps tenfold.

It was a perfect summer night for outdoor rock n’ roll at NYC’s Rumsey Field in Central Park. The Kooks returned to New York on September 10 along with friends Stellastarr and Illinois. All bands managed to sway the masses, and set the bar for one of the best closing concerts of summer.

Always the model of charisma, lead singer Luke Pritchard took the stage with force.

The Brighton lads opened up with “Always Where” and continued the hour-long set, showcasing goodies from their debut album, Inside In /inside Out and their current album, Konk.

After whipping the crowd into a frenzy with “Oo Lah,” the band slowed it down with “Sway” but not for long. After the fifth song of the set, Pritchard warned the crowd, “Enough of the doom and gloom stuff, let’s have some fun.”

And celebratory it was, with the help of lead guitarist Hugh Harris, stand in drummer “Nick,” and Daniel Logan on bass, the Brit-quartet embarked on crowd faves, “Do You Wanna,” “Naïve,” and “Shine On.”

The Kooks played a great mix of tunes from their catalog, and Pritchard made sure to keep the girls swooning through two solo acoustic serenades, the first being hit “Seaside.” Right before “See The Sun,” an ecstatic fan showed his support by climbing to the top of one of the lighting poles and waving to the band.

There was no shortage of energy Wednesday night, and after a guest spot by violinist “Marquis” who appeared on a stripped back version of “Jackie Big Tits,” it was clear that intense bravado and and an element of surprise were in the air. For the encore, Pritchard proved “most worthy” rock n’ roll frontman when he took side-stage to serenade friends through “Stormy Weather.” He climbed the barricades like a balance beam with the help of Rumsey Field bouncers, and finally jumped into the crowd at the end, proving to be one of the best live music moments I’ve witnessed all year and an incredibly memorable way to end one of the last days of summer. –Aishah Roberts

Always where
Eddie’s Gun
Ooh la
Time awaits
I want you
One last time
She moves in her own way
Mr. Maker
Do you wanna
Shine on
See the world
You don’t love me
Jackie’s big tits
See the sun
Stormy Weather
Sofa Song

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