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The Last Shadow Puppets, The Grand Ballroom at the Manhattan Center, October 30, NYC

The kinship between Alex Turner and Miles Kane is one that is a rare find in the music industry these days. Their successful side project, The Last Shadow Puppets, is no longer an accoutrement to both artists’ burgeoning bands (Arctic Monkeys and The Rascals, respectively).

31 Oct 2008 | More

The Whip and Late of the Pier, The Fillmore at Irving Plaza, October 24, NYC

This ‘micro-festival’ was the perfect way to end a week of CMJ madness, with an Ibiza-worthy showcase that kept getting more packed as the night went on. It didn’t matter what time you got there, something good was always brewing but I was there to check out the band action with two of the UK’s hottest acts.

25 Oct 2008 | More

CMJ Music Marathon: Scouting for Girls and The Delays, Thursday 10.23.08, Bowery Ballroom

Company of Thieves, Janelle Monae, Chester French, Black Joe Lewis, Scouting for Girls, Delays…

25 Oct 2008 | 1 comment | More

CMJ Music Marathon, Wednesday 10.22.08, Mercury Lounge and Bowery Ballroom

Fujiya and Miyagi, Walter Meego, Cory Chisel and Shugo Tokumaru

24 Oct 2008 | 1 comment | More

CMJ Music Marathon, Tuesday 10.21.08

Cut Off Your Hands, The Ruby Suns, Violens, Amazing Baby…

22 Oct 2008 | 2 comments | More

Sebastien Tellier – ‘Sexuality’

When looking at the gloriously kitschy Dali-esque cover of this album (Tellier riding a horse on a naked woman’s body), it felt like I was caught sifting through an early 80′s record collection. You know, at a moment in which the album art was just as important as the album itself, yet deliciously cheesy.

20 Oct 2008 | More

Love Is All, Secret Project Robot, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 10.15.08

It’s the night of the last presidential debate, yet we tore ourselves away from the TV screen, tucked inside a cozy, Cheers-like bar on the southside of Williamsburg (just minutes after the initial onslaught of “Joe the Plumber” mentions), to see a band.

17 Oct 2008 | More

Girl Talk: Everyday People

Girl Talk mastermind Gregg Gillis interprets the Top 40 with a scientific approach, absorbing each rhythmic song as he pries for phrases, sounds and melodies that culminate into sample-based symphonies. His fourth album, Feed the Animals is a grandiose adventure composed through a pain-staking process of transcending typical vocal tracks and rhymes creating melodic dance tracks that force shoulders to shimmy.

10 Oct 2008 | More

Snow Patrol: Love and Other Disaster Buttons

Gary Lightbody willingly refers to himself as a “calamity magnet,” without much prodding or inference. He also estimates that, personally, the distance “from a sitting still vantage point to chaos is four beers away.” It’s this kind of blunt and awkward honesty that makes the Irish singer such a delightful interview subject.

10 Oct 2008 | 2 comments | More

Williamsburg Fashion Weekend, Secret Project Robot at Monster Island, 10.4.08

In the husk of a new construction across the street the poet writes on an old typewriter, the sound resides, spelling out “p u r p l e pe o p l e,” bouncing across the red brick building’s courtyard. A dog barks, someone yells “not tonight” into a telephone, with a somewhat slurry voice…

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