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Girl Talk: Everyday People

Girl Talk mastermind Gregg Gillis interprets the Top 40 with a scientific approach, absorbing each rhythmic song as he pries for phrases, sounds and melodies that culminate into sample-based symphonies. His fourth album, Feed the Animals is a grandiose adventure composed through a pain-staking process of transcending typical vocal tracks and rhymes creating melodic dance tracks that force shoulders to shimmy.

10 Oct 2008 | More

Snow Patrol: Love and Other Disaster Buttons

Gary Lightbody willingly refers to himself as a “calamity magnet,” without much prodding or inference. He also estimates that, personally, the distance “from a sitting still vantage point to chaos is four beers away.” It’s this kind of blunt and awkward honesty that makes the Irish singer such a delightful interview subject.

10 Oct 2008 | 2 comments | More