When looking at the gloriously kitschy Dali-esque cover of this album (Tellier riding a horse on a naked woman’s body), it felt like I was caught sifting through an early 80′s record collection. You know, at a moment in which the album art was just as important as the album itself, yet deliciously cheesy. It is obvious that the point of this album is sexuality and anything pertaining to it. Accordingly, it is by a French neo-Gainsbourg type, Sebastien Tellier. Everything about this album oozes a certain French/pan-European sexuality, even a pre-release at spandex capital American Apparel accompanied by a line of sheer t-shirts by Tellier [think: the Sexuali-tee] feed off this bedroom electronica’s groove. Having a comparable discography and respect from the industry already, Tellier has nothing to prove except he’s following a long line of French lotharios who are actually talented and can still pull off being cool and sensual without trying too hard (Justin Timberlake and most pop crooners should take a note from Seb). That it is produced by Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo of Daft Punk- is clearly the cherry on top of this delectable disc. (Record Makers) –Andrea D’Alessandro