This ‘micro-festival’ was the perfect way to end a week of CMJ madness, with an Ibiza-worthy showcase that kept getting more packed as the night went on. It didn’t matter what time you got there, something good was always brewing but I was there to check out the band action with two of the UK’s hottest acts.

Between sets it was refreshing to catch world-famous renowned deejays like England’s Rob da Bank, prepping partygoers with a mix of anything from indie, dub, and anything in between. The Whip (i.e. the future of electronic music) started off the night with a set that was almost identical to their summer McCarren Park gig, but indoors. By mid-set everyone was feeling the deserved hype from this Manchester quartet- a noveau New Order if you will. “Divebomb,” “Trash” and “Sister Siam” were definite floor-fillers, but I was dying for one of their one debut hits “Muzzle No.1.” Having seen The Whip many-a-time, in landmarks like Fabric and at various festivals, nothing has changed except that their set is getting tighter and they’re finally getting the recognition they deserve Stateside. Look forward to seeing them again promoting X Marks Destination release in early 2009.

Luciano then came on and set the floor ablaze with rhythmic, dancefloor-friendly electronica that was harder and more bass driven then I expected. Finally it was time to see Late of the Pier- the ‘it’ band of the moment in the UK, sprawled out on the cover of the NME and every other ‘zine out there- you get the picture. The set was nothing more than impressive and suitable for this night showcasing some of the world’s best/up-and-coming talent in the electro-dance world. Churning out a selection from their debut (out in early ’09), “Fantasy Black Channel,” “Focker,” “Space and the Woods” and “Heartbeat” were just few of the songs that represented the band’s hybrid of glam rock (some moments were very Bowie-esque/Gary Numan) and psychedelic-electro. Only in their early 20s, the quartet’s confidence and talent shone through to prove they’re not fooling around banging out repetitive noise like most bands in their age group. The crowd was definitely into it- with the collection of Brits there who are probably Pier-heads already, many were singing along and freaking out to what will be one of the new year’s most in-demand bands. –Andrea D’Alessandro