It has been a few years since this writer had first made it downtown with drugs in his body, but the general feeling those days, that “I may be tired of waiting for you, yet I’m very anxious to see you” and the resulting escapade it entailed, seems to be an underlying theme of the Kitsuné compilations.

Some have pronounced the sixth Kitsuné as a suicide but instead, these comps are becoming a more important tribute to individual electro projects. These 19 tracks are a mix that refreshingly sounds less like a compilation to be played ad continuum, but rather, a selection of individual band talent for the listener to pick from and choose to follow up on.

This incarnation ought to have melodic tacked on as a subtitle, the Nico-like apalOOsa and Plaid reworks by Lo-Fi-Fnk, especially. These tracks mark the deeper attempt at a creation of an all around mix-tape, rather than the previous focus on electro dance this brand had successfully courted.

Unicorn-bearing “Ultraviolence” by Heartsrevolution is definitely a welcome track. The screamy lyrics fill in for a guitar, synthesized as they are chord by chord to overlay the handsome bass. Pnau’s “With You Forever” delivers the light melodic ethereal voice that a DJ would need to have in arsenal at a 6 am chill-out room.

As far as Etienne De Crecy et Monsineur Joo’s track goes, it’s not clear what this has to do with “Hanukkah” as the title suggests, but perhaps it’s saying something about the idea of the robotic rituals of cultural observance, with its specific beat structures and a few well placed needle sounds. Wherever there is not a moratorium on eccentrics, someone ought to play some of these tracks, even through a reverse pair of vodka binoculars, and always remember to keep it loud. (Kitsuné) –Tim Nestor