It’s a rainy balmy evening, but that didn’t stop Mercury Lounge from selling out one of the most buzzed about lineup’s in recent months, Blonde Acid Cult with The Dead Trees and Little Joy.

It was the NYC debut of Little Joy, the side project between Fabrizio Moretti of The Strokes, Rodrigo Amarante of Los Hermanos, and Binki Shapiro. Drawing band support from long-time compadre Matt Romano on drums, along with guitar from Michael Ian Cummings and Matthew Borg from The Dead Trees, the band closed out the night with an impressive, complete sound that had a delicious Brazilian feel and plenty of rock and soul.

Though the venue was crowded early, people came out in support of opening bands. First up was my new favorite band, and NY press darlings, Blond Acid Cult. Listening to BAC for the first time, they reminded me of alot of bands I love; think Manchester, early 1990′s like The Stone Roses, The Charlatans, and even a bit of Spiritualized. The band, which formed earlier this summer in New York’s club scene, has been casting a spell over the Lower East Side ever since.

The Blonde Acid Clut lineup, which consists of Michael Kilfoyle (Vox), Phil Meynell (Drums), Sonny Kilfoyle (Guitar), and Damian Genuardi, cultivate a killer party vibe. It’s dirty, sexy rock n’roll, with a dash of street funk. Set to release their 12″ soon, the band’s debut single “Kick The Funk” has already been making waves and their Kasabian-esque tune “Calypso” was featured on Gossip Girl last month.

Everything seems to be in place for BAC to blow up, and they’re fast gaining the kind of momentum that makes it clear it will happen sooner rather than later. The band have a new video for their song “Shake it Loose,” which sounds a bit like Primal Scream, and the lads have another fun dance track is “Dammo” that has an addictive bassline.

Make sure to catch Blonde Acid Cult before they start breaking hearts globally and sign to a major label. Catch them again Dec. 20th at The Studio at Webster Hall. –Aishah Roberts