Beach House are a band for all seasons.  The first time we saw them was in the blazing sun at the Village Voice’s Siren Festival in Coney Island.  They were at the top of our Siren list and we were seeing them for the first time. Beach hair, beach breeze, Beach House.  Their songs spread like mermaids’ voices through the sea and cotton candy-scented air and the rowdy outdoor crowd was instantly tamed.


This latest New York appearance, on a chilly December evening (and capping off the band’s worldwide tour), is even more captivating, since the sound system is now on their side with no competition between song and the crashing sea. Intoxicating hit “Gila” nearly has the room filled with swaying fans on their collective knees.


Victoria Legrand’s vocals are perfectly cast in reverb-drenched sensuality, washing out from the speakers, at once absorbing and distant.  You might think this seemingly serious singer, tonight wearing a liquid silver floor-length gown, would play up her role as haughty queen, but instead, she and guitarist Alex Scally mix the set up with humor and smiles.  Legrand’s not above kicking her foot in the air, proudly showing off a dainty pair of new shoes.  Earlier in the set, she shouts out, “You guys rule.  It’s a Tuesday!”, obviously thrilled to see such a packed-to-capacity crowd.  Their album title says it all: Devotion.–MVW/photos by Tim Nestor

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