Following up the brilliant 2006 debut Welcome Back to the Nothingness of Your Life, Husband & Knife (aka KC Spidle) returns with the beautifully brooding An End. Continuing to strike an evocative balance between raw emotion and hauntingly delicate delivery, An End mesmerizes the listener with its ability to cloak its sad, seedy explorations in swathes of dreamy meltdowns. Depressive and moody, this album is full of ethereal open wounds and Spidle conveys each stretch of reactive sentiment with incredible candor. Where Welcome Back was a masterpiece of minimalism, An End is an evolution into a subtle expansion of sounds. Moments of pop jangles flash through this album and then sink into darker environments. It all falls together in whispered swirls and stark confessions, culminating into a disarming album that, like its predecessor, leaves you wishing it could go on forever. (Divorce Records) –Liz Worth