What better a way to end the year than reviewing my newest obsession – Ladyhawke (aka Pip Brown). This Kiwi-cum-Londoner has become 2008’s answer to Annie (and dare I say better?). Playing four instruments on the album, she is clearly not just fiddling around with a synthesizer and striking a pose like many faux-electro-heads of the moment. It’s a relief to see that comparisons to Stevie Nicks and Joan Jett (gone dancey, natch) are correct – because she has the triple threat of lyrics, voice and beats to back it up. “Paris is Burning,” “Better Than Sunday” and “Back Of The Van” are just examples of an album oozing with early late 70s-early 80s nostalgia that’ll make you want to smear on black eyeliner and speed away in a muscle car. Dare I say it: Pip, Pip, hooray! (Modular Records) –Andrea D-Alessandro