Blackout.  Cue the epic, classical intro.  Drop the mood down to meditative with a purring Chopin piece. Follow it up with whirring feedback as ominous as the sound of old fighter planes fast approaching.  


Aussie’s Morning After Girls finally ascend upon the stage, backlit, fiery and with an air of mystery.  The new songs, from their forthcoming spring release, Alone, definitely shone through the shoegazer haze of their more lulling past hits.  Highlights at tonight’s Mercury Lounge show included the glowing new “Alone”, with its Morricone-inspired details and pummeling chorus, played as the second song, and “General Public”, which they saved for the finale.  It’s yet another new MAG tune that automatically became an addictive listen on my iPod.  


The Morning After Girls had no need for small talk with their worshipful audience tonight.  Sacha, Martin and the rest of the band relayed all the info they needed to with their generous set, a non-stop haze of blissful guitars, dreamy vocal harmonies and chunky bass lines over the crunchiest drums.–MVW/photos by Tim Nestor