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Williamsburg Fashion Weekend @ Glasslands, Brooklyn, NY, 2.20.09 and 2.21.09

The shows took place at the beginning and the end of the world, on Kent Avenue in Brooklyn at Glasslands, …Read the Rest

26 Feb 2009 | 1 comment | More

Mystery Jets @ Bowery Ballroom, NYC, 2.24.09

What better a way to spend Mardi Gras than with Eel Pie Island’s favorite sons, Mystery Jets.  The colorful quintet …Read the Rest

25 Feb 2009 | More

Noah and the Whale and Ferraby Lionheart at Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 2.21.09

When Noah and the Whale walk on stage, they bring a cornucopia of appealing resonance. With verbose lyrics and instruments …Read the Rest

23 Feb 2009 | More

The BPA – ‘I Think We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat’

So you ask, what is the BPA? It’s the Brighton Port Authority initiated by none other than Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim) always known for championing his city, and his engineer Simon Thornton. This compilation of all-star collaborations is one for the masses…

21 Feb 2009 | More

Roisin Murphy at The National Arts Club, NYC, 02.19.2009

Fashion Week wouldn’t be complete without an appearance by Roisin Murphy, who is slowly but surely branding herself Stateside as a style icon-meets-nouveau diva.

21 Feb 2009 | More

Fever Ray: Burning From the Inside

Ominous, effective, uplifting, vibrant, elegiacal, anxious: such are a few words that only begin to describe the dramatic intensity of the songs of Fever Ray, the latest solo project from The Knife’s Karin Dreijer Andersson.

13 Feb 2009 | 1 comment | More

Bell X1: Brass Balls and ‘Blue Lights’

Something tells me that even the most hardened Steinbeck-loving “indie” music fan would melt for the big Talking Heads moment on Bell X1’s excellent fourth and latest release, Blue Lights on the Runway. “The Great Defector,” as the song is called, finds singer Paul Noonan coming in for a landing, he loves the “color of it all,” but needs to know about those rabbits, George.

13 Feb 2009 | More

So Percussion: The Game of Modern

Recently, prevalent notions of creative society as expressed in mournful entries, smacking blog comments and sudden revelations of conflict have often been that of an argument between art and finance. These include caricatures depicting those who endeavor to achieve something which may have no definitive end but has an inspired beginning, or point to the idea that if money was not a stone wall, then we could do anything, or if people would listen, (for what it’s worth), there would be no communication barricade.

13 Feb 2009 | 1 comment | More

My Device: From Cider Fests to Silent Barn and Back to the UK

It’s rare nowadays to chat to a band from the UK who does their own DIY trip to NYC, hooks up with some local bands and cultivates a mini scene for themselves. I haven’t seen so much enthusiasm and energy with a band eager to simply play in the city and feed off the vibe, only to see what happens. My Device hasn’t got any grandiose plan to take over the scene and conquer the country. Just yet.

13 Feb 2009 | 1 comment | More

Mr. Oizo – ‘Lambs Anger’

Transport yourself to Studio B (or Fabric if you’re on the other side of le pond) and picture yourself dancing endlessly all night. It’s after hours when the music reaches a deep level of quality, and you wind up lost in an endless beat. That’s the easiest way to sum up Lambs Anger.

12 Feb 2009 | More