What better a way to spend Mardi Gras than with Eel Pie Island’s favorite sons, Mystery Jets.  The colorful quintet (minus patriarch Henry Harrison) rocked sequined tops with beads and were met with roaring cheers from a packed house, (including Mark Ronson). I wouldn’t expect anything else from London’s true-to-themselves tastemakers.  Having played other New York venues in the past, keyboardist/guitarist/vocalist Blaine Harrison had next wanted to play the Bowery, and it was much agreed that it was best seeing this amazing outfit dazzle a big venue.

The night was met with constant cheers as most of Mystery Jets’ recent release, Twenty One, was on rotation, beginning the with blaring alarms that led into “Hideaway”, followed by “Half In Love With Elizabeth” and smoothly delving into the past with “The Boy Who Ran Away”.  New track “Lady Grey” (named after the tea) was less like the new material but harked back to their psychedelia-infused indie roots.  Other highlights were “Alas Agnes”, favorite of the night “Two Doors Down”, ending the night with hit “You Can’t Fool Me Dennis”.  There was chat about their album not being released Stateside (with a call to download tracks).  Since the boys are now signed to Rough Trade, they hope the U.S. is yet to get their next album, which is currently being written.  It was a positive cap to the night knowing they’ll return soon.–Andrea D’Alessandro