It’s been over a year and I’m still tirelessly championing Manchester’s (current) finest export. The masses are finally clawing at The Whip, crowning this quartet as dance music’s saviour/the nouveau Happy Mondays/New Order for the young ones. Instead, look past the oodles of analogies one could spew out and know them within 100 words or less: this album is straight-up good. I’m not going to delve into fun synonyms and play-on words, nauseating you even more with my love of Mancunian music, but from “Trash” to “Muzzle #1″ to “Sister Siam,” once you hear the tunes, you will be soon gushing as much as I am. Look out for The Whip who will be bringing the party over in the coming months. If they don’t propel you to dance like Bez, then you shouldn’t be reading this review at all. (Razor & Tie) –Andrea D’Alessandro