The Whip at Music Hall of Williamsburg, BKLYN

There’s something depressing about seeing The Whip when an audience is hardly moving.  As I noticed a sea of still bodies, I thought it was an April Fool’s joke (or just the NYC hipster “no dancing” myth coming to life), but as the Manchester quartet soldiered on into their set, all changed and the Bowery came back to life.

After having seen The Whip at outdoor festivals and anywhere from Fabric in London to a small venue like the Ballroom, it became clear that seeing them this many times has proved that no matter what their setting, The Whip know how to get the party started and are one of the best electronic acts around.  “Muzzle #1″ was finally on the set list (after only hearing it live in the UK) kicking off the night, followed by a pool of tracks that make up their debut, X Marks Destination, (which finally dropped in March).  Best parts of the night included the fist-pumping anthems (no, this is not an understatement): “Trash”, “Blackout” and “Divebomb”.

Late of the Pier at Music Hall of Williamsburg, BKLYN

Late of the Pier then followed, and despite being younger than The Whip, their sound is anything but juvenile.  An impressive mish mash of danceable, melodic, electro spazz-outs is the only way to describe the quartet from Castle Donington UK, (yes, the supposed home of metal), who always remind me of Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust days, especially when they killed on “Space and the Woods”, “Broken”, and “Whitesnake”.–Andrea D’Alessandro/photos by Tear-n Tan

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