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MSTRKRFT – “Fist of God”

Toronto’s MSTRKRFT (JFK and Al-P) are back following 2006’s monstrous The Looks, with their punch-in-the-face sophomore release. With such a mega title, Fist of God is just what any electrohead would want in a second effort, but heavier.

10 Apr 2009 | More

Great Northern – “Remind Me Where The Light Is”

With a string of media buzz surrounding Great Northern (Solon Bixler and Rachel Stolte), their second release is proof of a more mature, experienced duo that have toured with the likes of Ladytron and Fiery Furnaces, and a new album produced by a team who’s worked with Beck and B.R.M.C.

10 Apr 2009 | More

Doves – “Kingdom of Rust”

When Doves record an album, they go to town (or to the countryside in this case), and with Kingdom of Rust, they’ve created another epic gem for the masses. Their fourth release, after a four-year hiatus, is a perfect addition to their already abundant back catalogue.

10 Apr 2009 | 1 comment | More

The Boy Least Likely To – “The Law of the Playground”

The sheer simplicity and sweetness of TBLLT (Pete Hobbs and Jof Owen) transported me to pastoral England, perhaps directly to Buckinghamshire, where the duo hails from. I’m alone in a field watching skipping elves playing magical lutes…

10 Apr 2009 | More

Bat for Lashes – “Two Suns”

From the get-go, Natasha Khan conjures duality with Two Suns, playing up the double nature of life, often in celestial terms—pairs of suns, moons and planets revolve in a forever-tango.

10 Apr 2009 | More

Great Northern to Tour with The Dears This May

  Remind Me Where the Light Is, Great Northern‘s latest album, to be released April 28th on Eenie Meenie, is “a dreamy …Read the Rest

10 Apr 2009 | More