From the get-go, Natasha Khan conjures duality with Two Suns, playing up the double nature of life, often in celestial terms—pairs of suns, moons and planets revolve in a forever-tango. Her most striking expression of this concept, Pearl, plays Khan’s alter ego throughout the record. Pearl manifests in “Siren Song,” a split personality monologue fought through lyrics and tones. During the verses, the singer sits alone at her piano, exposing her tender side—“I’ll bathe you when you get sore”—but soon the chorus breaks up this intimacy with the low electronic buzzing of “sirens” that drive our heroine evil. Two Suns contains the same expansive soundscapes and eclectic textures as Khan’s debut album, colored with an otherworldly quality that evokes crystal palaces, wild blue skies and mystical battles. Only now, there is a dark side of the moon. (Echo) –Julie Pinsonneault