When Doves record an album, they go to town (or to the countryside in this case), and with Kingdom of Rust, they’ve created another epic gem for the masses. Their fourth release, after a four-year hiatus, is a perfect addition to their already abundant back catalogue. Jimi Goodwin and the brothers Williams trade vocals throughout that melifluously seam together, giving each track its own emotion and identity. The first single “Kindgom of Rust,” is sure to be a foot-stomping favorite at gigs (think “The Pounding”), while “The Greatest Denier” and “Spellbound” are trademark Doves. “Jetstream” and “Compulsion” have elements of their electro days as Sub Sub, giving insight into the evolution of a group that’s been going almost two decades strong. This album is what you would expect to hear from a band so highly-respected in the UK, and with pockets of followers throughout the world, and it’s clear that unlike other UK supergroups, there is no bravado shining through any overly-produced ballads. Rather, Doves have churned out a hearty, soulful effort that will guide your ears through the spring and into festival season. (Astralwerks) –Andrea D’Alessandro

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