Submarine BellsI was in Siren’s Isles today and I have sunk my boat for the Submarine Bells. Owen McCarthy’s arresting voice descends my mind into the alpha waves, I think it’s a dream where I’m snapped together by the bass, the underlying drums fishing for my heartbeat.

These are songs of love lost, found while in motion, to be Miss Waltz who mistook a dance for feeling, death as a paronym for action, love regained again.

Later on in the set, perhaps there were too many similarities to the Walkmen, partly submerging the full effervescent effect that these guys will have on venues around the world.

Their first album is in recording and I unswervingly hope that the lyrics and photographs are bundled along with it. This trio (Owen McCarthy, Scott Irvine-guitars, John Mellvile-drums) comprise the genius that comes out with work and an editorial razor that does justice to their audience.–Tim Nestor

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