Those who don’t know East London’s Littl’ans, who ventured out to Ben Sherman’s “Big British Sound Party” expecting an epic English band along the lines of Coldplay or Doves, may have been in for a shock when the band kicked the night off with a purposefully long-winded, vocal-free number. A mere minute into the set, the crowd knew that this is not an ordinary young London band keen on making money off of perfect, three-minute pop tunes.

The Littl’ans first gained some underground celeb status last year in the UK and Europe, touring with The Babyshambles, doing the song “Their Way” with Pete Doherty himself, and being hand-picked to fly to Paris to play the birthday party of then Dior-designer Hedi Slimane.  When they first debuted in NYC a short time later, superstar djs The Misshapes swooped in to host the band’s first show at Don Hill’s and quickly took them under their black-clad wings.  The Littl’ans have certainly put in their time, recently releasing their first album, Primitive World, touring whenever possible, and playing some of the best international music and fashion parties around.  However, “big British sound” they are not, and they are the first to admit it.


The Littl’ans may not claim to be big rock balladeers, but singer/guitarist Andrew Aveling does know how to turn a witty phrase and come up with a catchy, jangly guitar riff.  No wonder the bright and shiny Ben Sherman store became an instant dance hall as soon as the lilting “la la la la la la” refrain from their Doherty-esque hit “Did You Hide From Saturday Night” and the staccato drum build and helter skelter guitars of single “Is It Wrong?” kicked in.  The girls were twirling non-stop.

Influenced by the vintage, jangly sounds of doo-wop, the psychedelic, lethargic glam of Syd Barrett and bits and bobs of rough-edged, early punk, The Littl’ans prove they are happy to remain outsiders, far from the frey of London’s current electro-crazed, top 40 set, happy to play the off-kilter kind of easy-on-the-ears rock music they do best.–Adina Apple/photos by Eileen Murphy

Remaining NYC Tour Dates:

Apr 24 Cameo – Williamsburg, Bklyn, NY

Apr 25 TBA

Apr 26 TBA