Channeling my club-kid within is getting harder and harder as the genre of dance becomes so complex, I constantly wonder where the New Orders and Morricone’s of the world have gone. But on Fischerspooner’s third release, Entertainment, memories of decent club music that is actually danceable doesn’t disappoint. It seems like yesterday when the dance impresarios burst from the art world to the dancefloor (remember Electroclash?) with their art-house brand of electro that amounted to little more than just playing with a synthesizer. Almost a decade later, Fischerspooner have now become an old reliable, and Entertainment is a testimonial to that. “Supply and Demand,” “Danse En France,” and “We Are Electric” were high points and classic FS. Going from a major label to their own this time around, Warren and Casey have yet again created another electro-art confection. (FS Studios) –Andrea D’Alessandro